Ceiling adapters and fixtures

Ceiling adapters and fixtures in aluminum, composite, stainless steel and galvanized steel for mounting:

  • Lamps of various configurations
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Warning and security systems

Price per square meter:

from 6,76 Eu

Ceiling adapters are special devices with which you can easily solve the problem of compatibility between lamps and griliato ceiling systems.

The use of ceiling adapters makes it possible to correctly and constructively distribute the weight of each lamp. The size of the adapter is selected individually for each ceiling and depends on the cell size of the griliato ceiling.

Installation of ceiling adapters is carried out in the system of suspended ceilings in the same way as for ceiling panels.

Our plant offers you quality ceiling adapters for lamps made of aluminum and galvanized steel. We produce adapters of any size, color and hole diameter for lamps.

A modern high-tech polymer painting line has been installed at our plant. Thanks to this, we can produce adapters in any color, according to the RAL card. And also make wood grain adapters, in the colors of gold and mirror.

The selection of the right high-quality adapter for ceiling systems is the key to obtaining the ideal end result – reliable operation of the ceiling system, as convenient, safe and efficient as possible.