Open-Cell commercial subdivision of AMTT group of companies

AMTT Group is manufacturer of false ceilings №1 in Ukraine. Open-Cell is a commercial subdivision, which carries out the false ceilings manufacture on automated manufacturing lines and can produce a wide range of false ceilings and ceiling fastening systems. We have been working since 1996, during this time we have been participated in building of iconic objects in the Ukraine, AMTT factory products are widely used both in the construction of a national scale, and in a variety of private projects.


Ceiling systems from our manufacture are an integral part and functional component of any modern room design. Our company works closely with architectural companies to create new architectural solutions and with design and mounting companies, as well as with small design studios. Working together, it was possible to realize the projects of national and regional scale, to realize the unusual interior solutions.

Geography of false ceilings Sales

  • Ukraine
  • Russia and Belarus
  • CIS countries, Kazakhstan
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Asian countries

The benefits of working with us

  1. High quality of the finished product
  2. Financial stability of the company
  3. Experience and large-scale implemented projects
  4. Highly qualified staff
  5. High-tech equipment
  6. Responsibility implementation in terms