Cassette ceiling

You will find a wide range of original and high quality products on our AMTT website. Modern building technologies will expand your ideas of ​​interior design. Cassette ceilings are a great choice and a great opportunity to highlight your room from all the rest. Aluminum ceiling cassette type ceilings are the most reliable and very popular among professional designers and ordinary people. It is thin steel which is coated by glossy or matte painting, as well as the mirror layer and polymer deposition. Cassette ceiling it is, first of all, reasonable prices, a high level of quality and decent service. Even the most inexperienced customers in this area will appreciate this modern product. The characteristics of aluminum cassette ceilings such as a very low weight, wherein their strength is maintained, which makes it impossible to resistance of various undesirable stresses.

Like the other aluminum ceilings they tolerate moisture easily, while their mirror surface allows displaying the direct sunlight, which allows maintaining a stable climate in your area. It is a unique find for architects, designers and creative people. Choosing cassete ceiling, you have the plenty of possible variations not only in colors but also in different geometric shapes: rectangles, diamonds and squares. All what your imagination needs. Parameters can be from 6 to 60 cm. In addition, the aluminum cassette ceilings are not afraid of any chemical acids, so they can be safely installed and in manufacturing rooms. What does a customer get, buying cassette ceiling from AMTT company? First of all, a decent service, a wide choice of colors and a high reliable guarantee for many years. This design takes its place not only in your home but also in the office. The elegant simplicity of design will emphasize your image, while the interior will get its own “flavor”.

You can buy ccassete ceilings in Kiev and clarify the possible cost with the help our professional consultants, by calling us, or by sending an e-mail. We will answer all the questions and complete your order very quickly.

Specifications of cassette ceiling:kasset_ceilings

Material: 0.40 – 1.0 mm aluminum / galvanized steel

Panel size: 600x600mm

Coating: powder coating based on polyester

Mounting type: visible Lay-in / Hidden Clip-in

Mounting Type: Exposed System T24, T15

Standard color: white / gray

Color to order: any to RAL / mirror / gold / etc.

Perforation: different diameters (from 1 mm to 2.5 mm)

Acoustic interlayer: on request

Ceiling weight: from 6.2 to 8 kg / m2

Спецификация кассетного потолка:

(Русский) Материал: 0,4 – 0,5 мм алюминий / оцинкованая сталь

Размер панели: 600х600мм

Покрытие: порошковая окраска на основе полиэстера

Вид крепления: видимая Lay-in / скрытая Clip-in

Тип крепления: видимая подвесная система Т24, Т15

Цвет стандарт: белый / серый

Цвет под заказ: любой RAL / зеркало / золото / и т.д.

Перфорация: различный диаметр (от 1 мм до 2,5мм)

Акустическая прослойка: по заказу

Вес потолка: от 1 до 2 кг/кассету

Потолочные системы Clip-in и Lay-in


Состав скрытой системы Clip-in
1 – Подвес спица
2 – 7 – Крепежный элемент Clip-in
Кассета 600х600, 300х300, 1200х600
Состав видимой системы Lay-in
1 – Кассета 600х600, 300х300, 1200х600
2 – Поперечный несущий профиль 1200, 600
3 – Подвес спица