AMTT keeps up with the times! Suspended ceilings for medical institutions

There is a list of medical institutions in which special materials with increased hygiene requirements and meeting high product quality standards are used for interior finishing work. This applies not only to walls, flooring, windows, but also ceilings. Such cassette, strip and board, grated, cube-shaped, screen suspended metal ceilings are produced at the Kyiv Ceiling Plant AMTT (OPEN-CELL). An additional special antibacterial paint is applied to the metal, which is used for their production of strip profiles, and baked on the surface of ceiling structures at high temperatures. Such ceilings have a SES conclusion.

Advantages of AMTT OPEN-CELL antibacterial metal strip and board and cassette suspended ceilings:

  • Eco-friendly. The metal base is of high quality, does not emit odor and toxic fumes, does not cause allergic reactions. The bactericidal coating, which is applied to the finished ceiling structure, prevents the growth of various fungi, bacteria and other pathogenic flora.
  • Easy to assemble. In order to assemble and install such ceiling, you do not need a large number of workers. Our OPEN-CELL suspended ceilings are designed in such a way that their installation takes a minimum amount of time.
  • Durable and easy to clean. Suspended ceilings OPEN-CELL made at our own AMTT plant (Kyiv) are not afraid of temperature extremes, exposure to chemicals and mechanical damage. They are highly resistant to adverse environmental conditions. The panels are cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge soaked in a disinfectant solution, or with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Fireproof. Metal (aluminum and galvanized) ceilings designed for medical institutions are classified as fire safety class G1 coatings.
  • Soundproofed perforated ceilings. The comfort of visitors, workers and people who are being treated in a building where such ceilings are installed is ensured by a high noise absorption coefficient.
  • Versatile. Ventilation hatches and additional lighting can be installed in the ceiling covering. The design allows quick access to electrical cables and ventilation pipes for emergency repairs in the event of any malfunction.
  • Aesthetically attractive. The AMTT manufacturing plant offers a large selection of colors of metal ceilings, according to the RAL scale. Let’s forget about the usual white wards – create an interior that emphasizes your individuality to the maximum and gives a feeling of warmth and comfort to your visitors.
  • Availability. Antibacterial suspended ceilings are manufactured at ATMM’s own production facility in Ukraine (Kyiv), which means that their price is significantly lower than foreign counterparts of the same quality.

OPEN-CELL ceilings are intended for installation in hospitals, clinics, medical centers, laboratories, operating rooms, pharmacies, manipulation rooms, surgical rooms, sanatoriums, hotels, etc. You can order and buy products on our website. If you have any questions, you can contact our consultants.