Striped aluminum ceiling

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Aluminum ceiling

Striped aluminum ceilings

AMTT factory produces striped aluminum ceilings, as well as provides its services throughout Ukraine. Such ceilings are made by individual strips of aluminum alloy: 3005, 3105, 5050 and also have a protective decorative surface with a thickness of 20-22 micrometers.

Striped aluminum ceiling today is very popular not only in public institutions, office space rooms and retail outlets, but also draws attention to its diverse design of the apartment owners.  Today, there are a lot of interesting and exclusivekinds and solutions for ceiling dressing. But one of the most famous propositions is striped aluminum ceiling with the majority of textures and colors. In addition, these ceilings are made of environmentally friendly materials and meet all sanitary standards. Therefore, they are completely safe and can be installed in the children’s room and the kitchen. Among the numerous advantages the aluminum ceiling can withstand harsh and extreme temperatures and does not lose its original color for a time, without succumbing to corrosion.

Striped aluminum ceilings can be:

  • open, with such one you can emphasize any interior
  • closed, it is used inside and outside.

Types of striped aluminum ceilings

Striped aluminum ceiling
85 mm (R type)
Wide aluminum panels
150mm, 200mm, 300mm (F type)
Aluminum panels
(100C, 200C type)
реечный алюминиевый потолок алюминиевый реечный потолок алюминиевые реечные потолки


Striped aluminum ceiling (R Type)

It is enjoys the attention of customers most often and is used in any areas.

The structure of the R type striped ceiling include:

  • main shape
  • transition shape
  • stringer
  • fixing link

The width of panels is 85 + 5 mm (gap) = 90 mm (module) 85 + 15 = 100 mm (module). The 15 mm strip of 2 types: insert, or rustication groove.

Specification of 85 mm striped ceiling (R type)

Material: Aluminum

Thickness: 0,5-0,6-0,7 mm

Shape width: 15 mm, 85 mm

Shape options combinations: 85mm + 15mm, 85mm (5 mm gap)

Shape Length: any

Folding radius: R = 300 mm and the segment length is 670 mm

Standard color: white / black / gray / gold / mirror / ivory

Color to order: any RAL

Perforation: any size to order

Surface: woodgrain decor

Ceiling weight: from 1.4 to 8 kg / m2

Bearing shape (stringer): 0.5 mm steel / 0,95mm aluminum

The standard length of bearing shape is 4000 mm

Соединение: при помощи соединительного элемента, внахлест или в стык

The compound of AMTT striped aluminium ceiling:

1 – the main shape is 85 mm

2,3 – the intermediate shape is 15 mm

4 – bearing shape (stringer)

5 – fastening elements (hinger)

Option with shapes combinations, mm:

85 + 5 mm (clearance) = 90 mm (module)

85 + 15 = 100 mm (module)

роллетные системы

Wide aluminum panels (F type)

This solid inflexible panels with parameters of 150 mm in width and 6 meters in length. This type of panels can be installed not only in the middle of the rooms` space, but also outside the walls. They can board wall and ceiling surfaces of airfields, walkways, boarding of the facades of gas stations and more.

The composition of F type aluminum striped ceilings include:

  • main shape
  • stringer
  • П-shape

Application area of aluminum striped ceilings:

  • Ceilings / walls boarding in airports
  • Boarding corridor ceilings
  • Facades and small architectural forms facing
  • Boarding of Service Stations

Specification of type F wide striped panels:

Material: Aluminum

Shape Thickness: 0.6 / 0.7 / 0.8 mm

Protective coating thickness: 28-30 md.

Shape length up to 6 meters

Shape width: 150, 200, 300 mm

Standard color: white / gray

Color to order: any RAL

Perforation: any size to order

Mounting options: horizontal / vertical / diagonal

The system includes:

  1. The main shape 150/200/300 mm
  2. The bearing shape (stringer)
  3. П shape

Shapes combinations options, mm:

  1. 150 +150
  2. 200+200
  3. 300+300


роллетные системы