Griliato ceiling

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Griliato Ceiling. We are manufacturing factory!

AMTT Group of companies manufactures false ceilings Griliato and provides installation services in all cities of Ukraine. False latticed Griliato ceiling grid has a great demand today. It is ideal for a variety of objects due to its functionality, as it distinguished by its high coating resistance, aesthetics and durability. The aluminum ceilings are created on the production capacities in Europe. It is a latticed (cellular) panel with a metal frame, which is fixing to the existing cover. Such panels are made of п-shaped plates, and those ones made of aluminum tape or galvanizing. Their coloring is diverse and can be in matt and glossy version; Griliato also can be made like wood. The base consists of the internal bearings and guide bars and is fixing with the grid parameters of 600 to 600 mm. Mounting such relapses of individual grids, the picture of solid leaf is been creating and visually distinguishes with glassy and easily design, which is a fashionable trend nowadys. It is important that the false ceiling does not restrict access to communications, herewith hides them. To buy Griliato today is not a problem, because aluminum ceiling is used in almost all spatial areas and also is used for roofs cladding and entrance canopies. The most common usage is: – Office centers – medical facilities – entertainment centers – terminals of airports and railway stations – catering – objects with high humidity: saunas, swimming pools. The company provides to customers Griliato ceilings of three types: classic, Griliato on t-shapes, louver Griliato.

Griliato prices. How to buy ceiling from the factory?

  • To buy Griliato in Kiev you can at AMTT factory (4 km from Zhulyansky bridge, Kryukovschina).
  • Fast delivery by a convenient carrier all aruond Ukraine.
  • Export deliveries.

Price per m2 depends on the supply conditions (volume, frequency). Contact us to get a better offer from a project specialist, which includes the price.  Go to contacts

We work with a large retail and building companies, also Griliato can buy and private customers. Mounting service from experienced specialists is available.

Remember! The price of galvanized (steel) Griliato differs from aluminum Griliato on nearly 30-40%.

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Griliato ceilings application:

  • office centers
  • medical institutions
  • entertainment complexes
  • railway stations and airports terminals
  • catering
  • objects with high humidity: saunas, swimming pools.

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The company provides to customers Griliato ceilings of three types: classic, t-shapes Griliato, louver Griliato.


Classic Griliato

Name: Aluminum / galvanized Griliato ceiling
Supplying: unassembled / assembled panels
Material: 0.40 – 0.50 mm aluminum, galvanized
Shape width (U): 10 mm
Shape height (H): 30mm / 40mm / 50mm
Cell Size: 50x50mm, 60×60 mm, 75×75 mm, 86×86 mm
100×100 mm, 120×120 mm, 150×150 mm, 200×200 mm
Cassette size: 600x600mm, 1200x600mm
Colour: standard: white / black / gray
Color to order: any of RAL / brush / mirror / gold / etc
Surface: woodgrain decor
Ceiling Weight: 1.4 to 6 kg / m2

Griliato cell size


50×50 60×60 75×75 86×86 100×100 120×120 150×150 200×200
Gil'jato-50х50 Gil'jato-60х60 Gil'jato-75х75 Gil'jato-86х86 Gil'jato-100х100 Gil'jato-120х120 Gil'jato-150х150 Gil'jato-200х200

Shape height: H = 30mm, H = 40mm, H = 50mm

The width of the shape`s back: 10mm

Nonstandard: 300х50, 300х60, 300х75, 300х86, 300х100, 300х120, 300х150, 300х200

Griliato ceiling construction components:

Shape Shape typ Length, mm height, mm Image
longitudinal bearing


U 10 2400, 1800, 1200 30, 40, 50 main_runner_open_cell_small
cross bearing U 10 1200, 600 30, 40, 50 cross_runner_open_cell_small
top shape U 10 600 30, 40, 50 top_profile_open_cell
bottom shape U 10 600 30, 40, 50 low_profile_open_cell
“Splice” connector U 8 90 13 splice
L wall shape L 30×25 30 wall_l_profile
Hanger hunger


product name size, mm unit measure Consumption per 1 m2  (cell measurement in mm)
50х50 60х60 75х75 86х86 100х100 120х120 150х150 200х200
Cassette 600×600 pcs. 2,78 2,78 2,78 2,78 2,78 2,78 2,78 2,78
Bottom shape 600 pcs. 11 9 7 6 5 4 3 2
Top shape 600 pcs. 11 9 7 6 5 4 3 2
longitudinal / cross bearing 2400 pcs. 0,35 0,35 0,35 0,35 0,35 0,35 0,35 0,35
longitudinal bearing 1200 pcs. 1,39 1,39 1,39 1,39 1,39
cross bearing 600 pcs. 1,39 1,39 1,39 1,39 1,39 1,39 1,39 1,39
splice pcs. 0,28 0,28 0,28 0,28 0,28 0,28 0,28 0,28


AMTT Company is a manufacturing factory of Griliato №1 in Ukraine

Any cell size: 50x50mm, 60×60 mm, 75×75 mm 86×86 mm, 100×100 mm, 120×120 mm, 150×150 mm, 200×200 mm
Any Griliato color (RAL): own painting department
Griliato in stock in Kiev – 5000 m2 (gray / white / black)
Fakse ceiling system T24, T15 shape – 5000 m2 (gray / white / black / gold)
Professional mounting – all over Ukraine
Delivery over Ukraine – from 1 day

The advantages of AMTT company Griliato ceilings according to their capabilities and properties:

– Aluminum / zinced Griliato ceilings will change the conditions of the room.

– It is possible to hide all the communications

– Effectively insulates against noise thanks to ceiling structure

– The same system parameters allow you to create an aesthetic view

– Latticed Griliato ceiling instantly isolates the smoke and odors

– Coating resists corrosion

– All variants of textures and colors are available to order

Technical information about the Griliato ceiling:

Types of latticed Griliato ceilings (open cell):
– Classic Griliato
– Griliato louvered
– Griliato pyramidal

False latticed Griliato ceilings (Griliato) are made from galvanized steel or aluminum alloy tapes 3003 with protective decorative coating. On the front side the paintwork is made by means of hot enamelling. The painting of panels is made in coil ovel with continiuos cycle by applying double lasting and durable dye polyester with thikness of 20-22 microns, which ensures a uniform painting thickness and high paint adhesion with the product surface.

The elements of construction which are used:
1, 1-а – longitudinal bearing shape 2400 mm 1200 mm
2, 2-а – cross bearing shape 1200 mm 600 mm
3, 4 – top shape 600 mm
5 – Connecting of  the “top” and “bottom” shape
6 – Hanger
7 – splice (connector)
Aluminum / zinc-coated Griliato ceiling (Griliato) mounting:
Longitudinal bearing shape (1) with 2400 mm length is bonded to the cross shape (2) with 1200 mm lenght and is suspended to the ceiling by means of hanger on every  meter (6). Splice (7) is fastened the front part of the bearing shapes. The cross shape (2) with 1200 mm length is bonded with the cross bearing shapes (2-a) with the size of 600 mm. In a half the shape`s length (2) the other cross shape (a-2) with the length of 600 mm is connecting. A square grid is getting, in which the pre-assembled cassette from the top (3) and lower (4) shape with size of 600×600 mm is fixing.

Aluminum laticed Griliato (Griliato) ceiling system:

False Griliato (Griliato) ceilings (cellular or latticed) consist of cassettes, which are collected from the U-shaped shapes (top shape and bottom shape). The cassettes are mounted on supporting rails with the length of 600 mm, 1200 mm and 2400 mm. 2400 mm bearing rails are fastened to each other by a connecting element.

Griliato Cells can have different sizes such as: 50x50mm, 60×60 mm, 75×75 mm, 86×86 mm, 100×100 mm, 120×120 mm, 150×150 mm, 200×200 mm, and in conjunction with various combinations. The height of the U-shaped shape is presented in 3 major standards: 30 mm, 40 mm or 50 mm.
Seiling weight – from 2 to 6 kg / sq.m, it depends on the cell size and shape height.
WARNING Griliato!
  • assembled cassette is a monolithic rigid frame
  • edges of each element is smooth, cuting at an angle of 900
  • finished Griliato ceiling has no broadening between the mounting points, do not slack during exploitatin
  • The installation of 600×600 cassette (mom / dad) takes less than 5 minutes
  • Mom / dad lock fastens with a slight pressure on the casset (it the option is with defective ceiling it is necessary to snap each lock – the installation time increases to 1 hour).


We offer services for painting the Griliato ceiling in any RAL color at our factory. Our painting line enables to make a powder painting of ceiling shapess and structural elements:
– Types of paint: glossy, matte, moire, metallics, antique, textured
– Length of painted products is up to 7 m

deadline for the Griliato painting: 1-2 days

We offer only eco-certified materials and provide high guarantee. Our professional staff takes the necessary instructions about safety measures and equipment is checked carefully.

AMTT is direct manufacturer of these products, so buy Griliato and all the necessary equipment you can on our website. Deciding to install aluminum and galvanized AMTT ceiling from company, you are guaranteed to get a quality product at an affordable price. Our experienced staff will help you make a choice on the basis of all the characteristics of your room, and calculate the cost of the order. It is possible to buy Griliato ceiling in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. If you identify and select Griliato ceilings in Kiev, then please contact us at phone numbers: (044) 255-17-77 or send a letter by mail: info@amtt.ua.