Multipaneled ceiling

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Multipaneled ceiling is an original form for all types of rooms


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Nowadays, the technologies are rapidly gathering momentum, and the interiors of buildings surprise of its diversity and many faces. Special attention is paid to the inner surfaces in recent years, as a constructive and decorative solution helps to create not only a beautiful interior, but also practical and convenient. A multipanel ceiling is increasingly popular with customers. Multipanel striped ceilings are modern striped ceiling system which is composed of five different panel types, made only from high-quality metal shapes, which cover a matte texture or special metallic mirror structure. Materials properties and composition allow practical use of aluminum multipaneled ceilings in a variety of buildings, and their features and benefits allow you to set frameworks indoor and outdoor. Why such aluminum ceilings are attractive? You can identify many positive points:

  • they have an unlimited life-time
  • low cost in comparison with other designs
  • chemical resistance helps to prevent the formation of rust
  • it is possible to mount different elements such as air conditioners and lamps
  • the system also allows you to create a design on several levels
  • shapes are not deformed while different high loads
  • the strips stand temperature changes well and retain the original colors

This kind of system is exceled with its straightforward design, as each panel is easy to replace and they can be removed with little effort and special tools to allow access to the ceiling. The main asset of this multipaneled striped ceiling is the fact that the panels can be produced up to 6000 mm. These options allow you to mount the structure quickly and without additional fasteners. A different width and color of the panel allows you to create an exclusive design. It is not difficult to order and buy multipaneled ceilings in Kiev. Our AMTT company will fulfill all the conditions prescribed in the agreement guaranteed and as quickly as possible. Quality and good prices will pleasantly surprise you. Find out the cost of 1 sq.m. of ceilling

Specification of multipaneled striped ceiling

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Thickness is 0.40 – 0.50 mm
  • Main shape width: 30mm, 80mm, 130mm
  • Shape length: any
  • Colour: standard: white / gray / gold / mirror /
  • Colour on request: any RAL
  • Ceiling weight: from 1.4 to 8 kg / m2
  • Bearing shapes (stringers): aluminum 0.95 mm
  • Standard length of bearing shape: 4000 mm
  • Connections: butt

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The system includes:

  • 1, 2, 3, 4 – the main shape is 30 / 80/130 mm
  • 5 – П ended shape
  • 6 – bearing shape (stringer)
  • 7 – mounting elements (hunger)

Option of shapes combinations, mm:

  1. 130+20+80+20+30+20
  2. 130+20+130+20
  3. 80+20+80+20
  4. 30+20+30+20
  5. 80+20+30+20