“Armstrong” ceiling frame

“Armstrong” company is a world leader in false ceilings. Founded in 1860, today the company covers 12 countries, with over 15 thousand employees worldwide.

Our AMTT company keeps up with modern technologies and a high level manufacturing of frames for Armstrong ceilings throughout Ukraine.

Steel false ceiling systems for Armstrong type ceilings are one of the most common types of false ceilings and are demanding as never before. Such galvanized ceiling frames you can see in offices and large rooms. In fact, the frame is a steel structure on which mineral fibrous plates are mounted. Armstrong ceiling, in compare with gypsum plasterboard, does not require additional treatment.

The advantages of such ceilings are:
  • ability to reflect light
  • Its coverage is not crumbled with time
  • have excellent sound resistance properties
  • are safe, durable and have high fire-resistant properties
  • there is no possibility of mold and fungal microorganisms
  • harmony and exclusive design guarantees a wide range of textures
  • such ceilings are made only from environmentally friendly materials
  • quick and easy installation, which saves your time

If ordering armstrong ceiling framework, you get an almost ready immaculate ceiling for any room that meets all quality standards. Especially because the design simplicity which also allows you to mount such ceilings by yourself, it will make happy those who have a small budget. Do not distrust! These ceilings will serve you for decades, and access to the ceiling always leaves the possibility to change the design of plates and regulate lighting. The practical side of this frame will pleasantly surprise you.

You can buy Armstrong frames by affordable and appropriate prices in Kiev and Ukraine. AMTT company will offer you an economical but no less reliable option of zinc false ceilings. If you are first faced with such choice, our managers will advise you and tell you about all the advantages of the framework for Armstrong ceilings. Click the button “ask a question” or just call us for phone numbers which you see on the website.


T shape is suitable for all types of ceilings:

  • Armstrong Ceilings
  • Cassete ceilings
  • any silicate cotton and gypsum ceilings
  • grid Griliato ceilings

№1 manufacturing factory in Ukraine


Specification of T24 / T15 mounting system

Material: galvanized steel

Steel alloy: JIS / G3302 SGCC (80d / m2)

Steel thickness: 0.35 mm

Material  of front insert: Alanod

Inserting thickness: 0.25 mm

T Shape type: visible

Width of the visible insert: 24 mm / 15 mm (T24 / T15)

Height: 38 mm

Basic Shapes: the main guide rail 3600 mm

1200 mm transverse guide rail

600 mm transverse guide rail

Shapes and additional elements:

Wall L angle, hinger (clamp hinger, borehole)

роллетные системы

Advantages of false AMTT T-shapes system

  • High-quality raw materials
  • T-shapes are made from high-quality galvanized steel  with 0,35 mm thickness
  • The front surface of the T-shape is aluminum tape with 0.25 mm thickness
  • High corrosion resistance

False system reliability

  • Maximum loading on the frame is 17 kg / m2
  • Flammability classes – D1, D1 smoke removal, fire spreading P1, B0 flammability
  • Reliable construction of systems connections and locks
  • High system stability while static and dynamic loadings

The accuracy of the geometric sizes

  • Module size of false system is 600h600mm
  • T-shape of 2 types: T24 / T15
  • T-shapes and accessories are manufactured on a modern automated line

Design and functionality

  • T-shape mirror surface made of Alanod aluminum
  • Flawless appearance
  • Wide range of the face surface`s colors: / gray / black / metallic / gold / mirror


  • AMTT False system is certified
  • Quality control at all stages of manufacturing

Structural elements of T24, T15 false system:

Shape Shape type Length, mm height, mm image
main guide rail Т24/Т15 3600 38 / 32
transverse guide rail Т24/Т15 1200 32 /32
transverse guide rail Т24/Т15 600 32 /32
wall L shape L 30×25 30