Water-cooled ceiling (plated)

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Nowadays, aluminum water-cooled ceilings belong to the designer class ceilings, because of their using allows any original and innovative displays and shapes. Plated ceiling is frequently used in shopping centers, entertainment complexes, bars and theme restaurants, exhibitions, theaters and halls of airports.

False water-cooled ceiling is a construction with plate panels, which are mounted on a special system be means of vertical strips parallel to each other. This modern kind of design provides huge opportunities for the imagination and creates an incredible stylish interior. You can also see it in beauty salons and nightclubs. Thanks to unique design, aluminum plated ceiling look original and neat, and its design allows crossing of soft light and visually increase the height of the room. There is always comfortable in the room with such ceilings.

What are the advantages of water-cooled plated ceilings? There are some decent advantages:

  • functionality provides easy access to all necessary communications
  • moisture resistance
  • safe and non-flammable material
  • sound resistance
  • it is possible to emphasize the whole interior by means of one construction
  • do not capricious in care
  • has a varied selection of color palettes

Also water-cooled ceilings provide incredible ventilation and sizes can suit the room of any quadrature. The style may change over time and it can be changed with minimal effort.

It is possible to buy water-cooled ceiling in Kiev in our company. AMTT provides an excellent certified product and a wide range of textures and colors. Our professionals will take care of your space appearance and create an unforgettable atmosphere, a quality mounting and a beautiful false ceiling. Call our managers right now and get a detailed consultation.

Water-cooled ceiling (V-Baffle type)

Water-cooled ceiling specification

Material: aluminum / zinc coating

Thickness is 0.40 – 0.50 mm

Shape height is 85mm / 100mm / 115mm

Shape width is 13.4 mm

Strip step is 50 mm / 100 mm

Color on request: any RAL

Bearing shape: Steel / Aluminum

The length of bearing shape is 4000 mm

Connections: butt / any


Advantages of water-cooled AMTT ceilings

  • water-cooled ceiling visually change the volume of the room
  • rational arrangement of engineering and technology communications in the ceiling space
  • provide easy access for maintenance of engineering systems
  • combination with all types of ceilings, effective sound absorption thanks to ceiling lined structure
  • integration of all types of ceiling lights
  • water-cooled ceilings helps the rapid smoke removing
  • NG flammability class


Multipaneled ceilings (B type)

Multipaneled striped ceilings (B type). Striped multipaneled ceilings system consists of panels of 4 different types (20 mm, 30 mm, 80 mm, 130 mm in width), with rectangular cut and can all be mounted on one universal bearing shape, which allows to combine different width of panels.

Specification of multipaneled water-cooled ceiling

Material: Aluminum

Thickness: 0.40 – 0.50 mm

Shape width: 30mm, 80mm, 130mm

Standard color: white / black / gray / gold / mirror / ivory

Color on request: any RAL

Ceiling weight: from 1.4 to 8 kg / m2

Bearing shapes (stringers): 0.5 mm steel / 0.95 mm aluminum

The standard length of supporting shape: 4000 mm

Connections: butt

Variant of shapes combination in ceiling, mm:

1. 130+20+80+20+30+20

2. 130+20+130+20

3. 80+20+80+20

4. 30+20+30+20

5. 80+20+30+20

Compound of water-cooled ceiling systems:

1 – main shape 30/80 / 130mm

2 – intermediate shape 20 mm

3 – bearing shape (stringer)

4,5 – mounting elements (hinger)

Water-cooled and multipaneled AMTT ceilings are made of an aluminum alloy 3005, 3105 and 5050 tapes with a protective decorative coating. The alloys have been specifically designed for cold forming technology and have excellent molding and anti-corrosion properties. On the front side of the aluminum strip the paint is applied by hot enamelling. Painting of panels produced continuously in a coil ovel of continuous cycle by twice applying a firm and durable polyester with 20-22 microns thikness, which ensures a uniform paint thickness and high adhesion surface of the paint with the dye. Water-cooled and multipanel AMTT ceilings are certified in accordance with the legislation and the regulatory framework of Ukraine.